• "I always thought that if you say you love someone, you’d be willing to do everything for them even if it means sacrificing a few things without expecting anything in return. But I guess that’s just not how the way it is. I guess I’ve been too idealistic again. Masochistic. Sadistic. And I’m sorry."
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  • "It’s not healthy to be too happy. After everything that has happened, I knew better. I knew the game."
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  • Alam mo yung pakiramdam na gusto mo nang umiyak sa harapan niya para lang malaman niyang nasasaktan ka na.

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  • She pulls her luggage out of the front door without making a sound, her frail arms struggling with the weight. Why would she do it? She’s going to throw her whole life away. Her mother taught her better, her father doesn’t care, and I know she knows what they all think. 

    The cab’s here. I didn’t even see it coming. Pitch black suites this neighborhood pretty well. I couldn’t make out the plate number but I’m sure about the driver. He’s been her regular cab driver since she moved to town and I’ve always wondered why. She doesn’t go anywhere without him.

    He helped her load the luggage onto the trunk and carefully closed it shut. Now a pause. The understanding stare they’re giving each other makes me want to go back to bed and pretend nothing ever happened. But this has kept me up at night for weeks now and I couldn’t miss it for the world. He will be the last person she’d see and talk to and this is the last time she’d need his service. 

    Without a word, he went back to the wheel and started the engine. She turns to take a last look and let her last moments in this place sink in, opens the door to the passenger seat, looks around for any witnesses, and bids my unknown presence farewell.

    I couldn’t help but wave back.

    Tomorrow she’ll be gone. Her mother will be worried sick, her father still drunk, and I shall go about my daily business without a single comment nor concern. I’m just a witness to something I cannot even blindly put… To her mother, this is the saddest day; her father wouldn’t even know what year it is; and the driver thinks this is the greatest thing he’s ever done for someone else.

    But to the girl I frequently see chained to her bed and kicked in the face, this is the beginning of freedom.

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  • Sana, kahit minsan, kahit sandali lang, ako naman ang intindihin.

    Pero ayos lang din kung hindi. Maiintindihan ko naman as usual.

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